Mask Up

We’re asking the citizens of Sandpoint to work together to keep the community safe. On this website, you will find suggestions to help keep yourself and the community safe and healthy, how-to information on making masks, places to drop off finished masks as well as extra supplies, and contact information for various people in the community who you may contact for more information.

Nylons as a Filter

Click here to read NPR’s article on how nylon stockings may increase your masks effectiveness!

Washing and Wearing

How to properly store and clean masks:

  • A clean face cover should be used every day
  • Store used masks in a paper bag until ready to launder
  • Wash in hot water using soap or detergent that leaves no residue and dry masks completely

Proper wear and fit reminders:

  • Wash before use
  • Fit snugly but comfortably and allow for breathing without restriction
  • Ensure nose, mouth, and chin are always covered
  • Secure and remove mask with the ties or ear loops (avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth)
  • Use in public and office settings
  • Continue to maintain 6-foot social distancing wherever possible
  • Wash hands before putting on and immediately after removing mask

Get involved on social media!

Post on social media to help getting people to make and wear masks!
Learn more about the Sandpoint Rotary’s commitment to make 2000 masks. See project details and get involved here.

#SandpointProject2000 #maskupsandpoint

Completed Requests

PHD Diabetes Prevention Program16 Masks
Clark Fork40 Masks
Salon Lux10 Masks
Vivint Sales Team10 Masks
Boden Architecture10 Masks
State Forrest Service180 Masks
Bonner County Courthouse150 Masks
Panhandle Health7 Masks
Lifecare Center5 N95 & 6 Cloth Masks, 35 gowns
Lakeview Funeral Home6 Masks
Caribou PT10 Masks
North County Electric10 Masks
SuperOne Foods120 Masks
Personal Use8 Masks
Sandpoint SuperDrug50 Masks
Heart Clinics Northwest10 Masks
Bonner County Food Bank29 Masks
Valley Vista Care25 Masks, 6 Gowns

Contact us if you are able to donate finished masks and/or materials!